A practice to bring clarity, calm & compassion into your life.

A regular meditation practice develops our ability to pay attention to our day to day experience, to live in the present. It allows us to see more clearly our thoughts, our feelings, and emotions, and it taps into a deep well of wisdom that is present in each one of us.

At Uxbridge Insight Meditation we follow a Buddhist tradition for the development of the practice. It is a practice based on our own experiences. It is not a set of beliefs or dogma.

JOIN US for biweekly meetings which include group meditation, some teaching and time for discussion. All are welcome, whether you’re experienced or new to meditation.

TIME: Every other Sunday at 10:00 am

PLACE: Pathways to Peace Yoga Studio at 2 Campbell Dr., Suite 201

For further information:

Contact Gail: ghorner550@gmail.com